Friday, April 18, 2008

Traffic Prediction added to Google Maps

Its Monday around 8 AM and Employee Joe who lives in Troy, MI is heading to his work place in downtown Detroit, MI. He always drives down I-75 South to Detroit, MI. But last Monday, he ran into heavy traffic on I-75 (portion parallel to Big Beaver Road). So he was late for that important meeting. His Boss gave him a piece of advice - "Listen, Joe! in future before hitting the freeway, check out the Current and Future Traffic pattern/congestion on Google Maps".

Here's how the Boss explains it. He logs on to the computer and brings up Google Maps and zooms into Troy, MI. Next he clicks on Traffic Button which brings up a box in the upper right hand corner of Google Maps. He selects the option - "Traffic at Day and Time" and selects Monday 8.15 AM. And the result.... Google Maps Predicts that traffic at around 8.15 AM on a Monday would crawl at 0-25 MPH. Joe reacts..."Wow! That is neat!!" (Info on this Google Maps feature found at Google LatLong Blog)

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Google Maps now adds drive time during rush-hour traffic

You live in Manassas, VA and have a flight to catch from Reagan National Airport, Washington D.C. You head over to Google Maps for directions. Besides showing you the directions and approximate drive time, Google Maps now lets you know how much time it would take to reach Reagan National Airport in Current Traffic Conditions. Nice Feature! which might just help you in catching that flight in time. (via Google-LatLong Blog)

Here's a image of driving directions from Manassas, VA to Reagan National Airport, Washington D.C. taken at 6.30 AM EST which shows that a drive of 32.4 miles will take 1 hour 10 mins in current traffic conditions.

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