Sunday, November 26, 2006

Groom Shot Dead by NYPD on his wedding day

Sean Bell (23 years old) is shot dead by NYPD on his wedding day outside the Kalua Cabaret Club in the Jamaica Section of Queens, New York. According to news reports:
At a news conference Saturday, Kelly said the department was still piecing together what happened, and that it was too early to say whether the shooting was justified.

The car, driven by Sean Bell, was struck by 21 of the police bullets after the vehicle rammed an undercover officer and hit an unmarked NYPD minivan. Other shots hit nearby homes and shattered windows at a train station, though no one else was injured.

Police thought one of the men in the car might have had a gun but investigators found no weapons. It was unclear what prompted police to open fire, Kelly said. It was also not clear whether the shooters had identified themselves as police, Kelly said.
For more on this story check out CNN.

Here's a approximate location of the shootings on Google Maps


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